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Slip Ring

Product Image (742-SL)

Mercury Slip Ring

Price: 28400 INR/Piece

Our mercury slip ring is also known as mercury rotary joint,our mercury slip ring has Anti-interference, low cost, mercury rotary joint is used with special sealing materials,insulation and conductive technology production Etc.

Product Image (740-SL)

Capsule Slip Ring

Price: 7500 INR/Piece

Our Mini series slip ring is specially designed for data and video signals transmission of small and medium-sized Equipment.

Product Image (Twin Track EP - 26)

EP-26 Slip Ring

Price: 1900 INR

We are manufacturing all type of customized items as per customer requirements with Superior quality of products.Professional manufactureProfessional design and OEMHigh quality systemHigh quality after marketing serviceWorld-classequipment make sure the high efficiency delivery.